Private tution for corsetry - what to bring


Private tuition is offered in slots of one or two days maximum and is for those who have made a few corsets and wish to hone their skills by troubleshooting what they've done in the past, or finding out how difficult processes can be made easier.

In order to get the most out of one or two days of tuition you already have to understand the basics of corset construction.

I do not teach beginners on a one to one basis as there is too much to learn and beginners really benefit from a group situation to get the most experience in the shortest amount of time and private tuition for this reason is not suitable for somebody who needs an overall grounding in how to make a corset.

Please complete the form below so that I can get an idea of what you want to learn - I will then get in touch with you and we can discuss your plan further given the time you have booked.  Course materials are not included in the fee and so what you need to bring will be emailed to you as part of that discussion.  

Please complete this form within 14 Days of your booking confirmation email.  I cannot hold spaces indefinately and cannot plan at short notice.  We also need to ascertain whether your requirements are possible.  Due to high demand,  your space will be cancelled if this form is not completed within the specified time.


Private tuition
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Sewing machines
Sewing machines are kindly provided by Janome UK so there is no need to bring your own unless you particularly would like to.  If you prefer to bring your own, that's OK too.
Things we may use in class which will be supplied to share, but if you have your own, feel free to bring:
- French curve
- Flexible curve
Other specialist tools will be available for communal use.
Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided along with a light sandwich lunch (vegetarian), and possibly a cake or two ;)

Directions and recommended places to stay are on the website here.  

Buying corset making supplies

I have a small selection of corset making tools and gadgets for cash sales available in the classroom, however, if you would like to buy a more comprehensive range of corsetry supplies such as fabric and boning,  please purchase these in advance via Sew Curvy.  If you pay by Paypal I will refund your postage, if you want to pay cash on delivery, that is fine too, just pic the BACS option when paying.  

I am unable to process orders while you are here
as collecting fabric and boning for potentialy 6 people is too time consuming and takes my attention away from the class.


In the meantime, if you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch :