Frequently asked questions

I’ve never sewn anything before, which workshop should I book?

If you have never sewn a stitch before, or if you haven't sewn since you were at school, then the beginners corsetry course is probably best to start with.  This is because we use a thick coutil which hides a multitude of sins to make the corset, only use straight stitch on the machine and the construction technique is clean and simple.

Do you teach men?

Not at the present time as corset fitting can be quite an intimate process - I am working on scheduling a male only class for 2017

Are the workshops suitable for students?

Yes! Many GCSE, A-level, Fashion and Contour students have been to the Sew Curvy Studio for lessons.

The workshop I had my eye on is sold out, what shall I do?

Workshops sell out very quickly.  Typically the more popular ones are repeated two or three times during the year, these are usually Beginners, Intermediate, and Sheer workshops.  

I cant make any of the dates scheduled - what should I do?

Unfortunately the dates scheduled fill up the time we have in the year.  As this is a one woman business, and classes are in demand, there is no space for teaching outside the scheduled dates.

Can I have private tuition?

Private tution for individuals is not offered at this time.  This is due to a number of reasons but mostly because so much is gained from being in a small class.  Students learn much more when there are more people to learn from.

I want to give someone a workshop as a gift... can I buy them a gift voucher so they can choose themselves?

Yes ofcourse! This is a favourite presents for husbands and partners but if you are a husband / partner pelase check with your partner before buying.  You may book workshops in the usual way and places are subject to the same terms and conditions.  I do not issue vouchers as booked places are confirmed via email.  Please read the terms and conditions.

I can't do the whole course because of time constraints.  Can I skip a day?

The OSC workshops are engineered very precisely to give the most information in a given amount of time.  It is not recommended that you skip a day. 

Can I cancel a workshop once I’ve booked it?

Cancellation policy:  Fees are non refundable upon cancellation but may be redeemed against alternative dates/courses before the end of that current financial year (end March).  For courses cancelled up to 1 month prior, fees are not refundable or transferable unless the space can be re-sold.  Courses cancelled within 7 days will not be refunded. Sew Curvy retains the right to cancel or defer a course up to 7 days prior to the start date.  In the unlikely event of this happening alternative dates or a refund will be offered. In the event that an alternative date is booked, then the cancellation policy comes back into force from date of booking.  Please read the terms and conditions.

Why is there a cancellation policy?

Sew Curvy and OSC is a business not a hobby, I do not have day job or a wealthy partner/parent, but I do have rent and bills to pay along with all the normal financial responsibilities of life.   My courses sell out very quickly and each one usually has a waiting list.  If everybody cancelled at short notice, I would be out of business and out of work but most annoyingly, somone on that waiting list is deprived of a place if you suddenly decide you can't come.  If you give plenty of notice of cancellation, I am able to sell your original place to the waiting people and transfer you to a different course with no loss to anybody.   If  you were buying a train ticket or a holiday, or a hotel booking, or any one of many services you can book for a specific day or time, you would not get another booking or a refund with less than a weeks notice.  I am not a multi-national company who can afford weekly loss.  In the last 5 years I have only had 3 cancellations at short notice, all of which were unwanted presents.   Please have consideration that Sew Curvy/OSC is a one woman business with limited time and resources. Please read the terms and conditions.

If I’ve already got corset making materials, can I have a discount?

Unfortunately because of the way the company is administrated, supplies are now separate from the courses.  In addition, it is best if the whole class starts from the same place.  However, you do get 5% off any supplies purchased on site. 

I want to book more than one class, can I have a discount?

The quick answer to this question is no.  Multi national companies and large conglomerates with million pound profits can afford to sell on multi buy discount offers.  Why?  Because the more they can sell, the bigger discounts they get at source.   I am a one woman business earning a living by sharing my skills as an independant artist. You wouldn't expect your boss to ask you to work one day free in 7, so please don't expect me to do the same.

I need to arrange travel - is the class guaranteed to take place?

I have only ever had to cancel one workshop due to lack of attendees and that was at a time when schools break up for the summer and everyone goes on holiday.  However, in the unlikely event that this happens again, we will re-schedule the course and give a months notice to do so.  The minimum course number is 3.  We are unable to cover any costs associated with travel or accommodation.

Could / Should I bring food with me?

All refreshments and lunches are provided and included in the cost of each course, but sometimes people do prefer to bring their own and that is perfectly OK.  Our catering is by default vegetarian to cover most requirements and ensure we have abundance for all.  We can easily cater for vegan, dairy free and gluten free diets too but we never have meat in the sandwiches.

Do you have disabled access?

The workshop is located up a narrow flight of stairs so unfortunately we are not suitably equiped for wheelchairs or severe mobility issues.

Is it possible to do a special workshop for groups?

Sometimes, when a class gets on together particularly well and want to come back again we will fix a date just for them.  Similarly if you have a group of friends or a sewing circle with 4-5 people and wish to book a dedicated weekend, please get in touch.