Advanced corsetry - what to bring

The advanced corset making course takes place over 3 days, Friday-Sunday inclusive from 9.30-5pm each day.  You are welcome to turn up from 09:00 onwards for coffee.  Please check the Logistics section of my website for directions and places to stay:
Over the three days students will make a three layer corset with fashion fabric, strength layer, and floating lining.   
The workshop does not cover basic sewing skills and students should therefore be confident with a sewing machine and know how to work with fabric.
The following materials will be supplied to each person
- Plain coutil fabric for the strength layer
- Busk fastener
- Spiral and flat boning 
- Eyelets
- Lacing - or ribbon*
- Pattern
 *- If you have a particular colour to match you may want to find some ribbon separately, you will need no less than 7m


Students should bring
- 1 metre Fashion fabric for the top layer - this should be a sturdy fashion fabric such as a thick duchess satin (some polyester duchess satins are lovely and thick), or a nice medium weight cotton.  This should be non-stretch fabric.  Do not bring upholstery fabric as this is too thick.
- 1 metre Cotton fabric for the lining - many people use quilting fabric for this, but any medium weight cotton is fine, including cotton sateen and fabrics with a small amount of stretch.
- bias binding to match your fabric, or make some in advance in order to save time.  3.5cm-4cm bias strips (unfolded) works well. 
- Sharp sewing machine needles (size 80)
- Measuring tape
- Sharp scissors or rotary cutters (with mat)
- Hand sewing needles
- Thread
- Notpad and pen
Sewing machines
Sewing machines are kindly provided by Janome UK so there is no need to bring your own unless you particularly would like to.  If you prefer to bring your own, that's OK too.
Fabric choices
** Tip for fabric - you want a sturdy fashion fabric that is neither too thin or too thick.  If it is too thin you risk wrinkles especially if it's a thin synthetic.  Thin cottons and silks are fixable but not ideal.  If your fabric is too thick, we will have a lot of bulk to deal with, but also some upholstery fabrics are quite loose woven and can unravel during construction which is frustrating.   If you fancy something different, some suiting fabrics are suitable and interesting (again watch for bulk) but if you want something more classic, a lovely duchess satin is workable, even the thicker duchess satins are fine for bulk.  Don't bring anthing thin and floaty - ie: chiffon/charmeuse/habatoi etc.,
Further notes
The advanced course does not cover fitting because it is presumed that students are already fully conversant with this stage of corset building.  The advanced corsetry course is all about techniques.  We will make up a standard size corset from the Sew Curvy overbust patttern.  If you have a pattern that is altered to fit you perfectly, please bring it and we can assess it's suitability or if you have been before and altered a Sew Curvy Overbust pattern, do feel free to bring that - or if you have made your own pattern, again, feel free to bring it subject to approval.
Things we may use in class which will be supplied to share, but if you have your own, feel free to bring:
- French curve
- Tapered awl
- Fabric hole punch/eyelet clamp (compatible with Prymm eyelets)
Other specialist tools such as pliers and cutters will be available for communal use.
There is no need to bring a sewing machine as these are kindly provided for us by Janome UK. If you would like to bring your own, that is no problem either. Please do bring your own thread if you wish to use a colour other than black or white.
Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided along with a light sandwich lunch (vegetarian), and possibly a cake or two ;)

Directions and recommended places to stay are on the website here. 

Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided along with a light sandwich lunch (vegetarian), and possibly a cake or two.
Buying corset making supplies

I have a small selection of corset making tools and gadgets for cash sales available in the classroom, however, if you would like to buy a more comprehensive range of corsetry supplies such as fabric and boning,  please purchase these in advance via Sew Curvy.  If you pay by Paypal I will refund your postage, if you want to pay cash on delivery, that is fine too, just pic the BACS option when paying.  

I am unable to process orders while you are here
as collecting fabric and boning for potentialy 6 people is too time consuming and takes my attention away from the class.


In the meantime, if you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch : / 01993 882801